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Giuliani Anello 31008 Self-Cleaning Fuel Filter, 1" x 1" BSP
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Giuliani Anello 31008 Self-Cleaning Fuel Filter, 1" x 1" BSP

Self-cleaning, cast-aluminium filters for use with fuels and oils.

The filter element is available in Steel Mesh of 100, 300 or 600 micron rating, to suit the level of filtration required.

Accessories are available to motorise the cleaning wheels.

Made in Italy.

Manufacturers & Part Numbers
TypeManufacturers Part NumberManufacturers Type NumberFilter StyleMicron RatingReplacement Filter LinkGiuliani Anello Brochure Page (Refer to PDF Brochure Below)
Aluminium Bowl, Stainless Steel Round Element, Self-Cleaning003.0151.00131008/01Stainless Steel, Round100HERE88
Aluminium Bowl, Stainless Steel Round Element, Self-Cleaning003.0151.00231008/03Stainless Steel, Round300HERE88
Aluminium Bowl, Stainless Steel Round Element, Self-Cleaning003.0151.00331008/06Stainless Steel, Round600HERE88
TypeManufacturers Part NumberManufacturers Type Number
Electric Motor for 21000-31000, 230v 50-60Hz015.0040.0011328
Electric Motor with Torque Limiter for 21000-31000, 230v 50-60Hz015.0040.0021328/L
Electric Heater, 100W014.0026.0001616
TypeManufacturers Part NumberManufacturers Type Number
Shaft Seal Kit, for 11012, 21000, 31000, 41000014.0130.0013240
Electric Motor, for 1328, 1328L, 1329, 1329L014.0030.0001494
Torque Limiter, for 1328, 1328L, 1329, 1329L014.0128.0001339
Bracket for Torque Limiter, for 1328L and 1329L014.0031.0001345

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Giuliani Anello 'Heavy Oil' Filters are very widely used in domestic heating oil / fuel oil filtration applications. Giuliani Anello filter housings all feature a high quality pressure die-cast aluminium head with BSP(ISO) female threads, or PN16 flanges, and have either a bowl in aluminium, or clear acrylic, so that the contents of the bowl and the state of the filter element inside it can be observed in-situ. The Giuliani Anello Heavy Oil Filter range includes filters with magnetic particle arresters, constant or thermostatically controlled heating elements, self-cleaning filter elements, and drain valves. Oilybits can offer all models, though due to box quantities there may be MOQ's on certain items, please contact us with your requirements.

Download Giuliani Anello Brochure, 2015 PDFDownload Giuliani Anello Brochure, 2015 PDF

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