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Oilybits RPC-103 Raw Power Extreme Spinning Bowl Centrifuge
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Oilybits RPC-103 'Raw Power Extreme' Spinning Bowl Centrifuge

The Raw Power Centrifuge is an american designed & manufactured, high quaity, high precision, high speed, spinning-bowl centrifuge, for general centrifugal separation of liquids which are not agressive to the machines component materials.

Unlike Oilybits OB Series Centrifuge, the Raw Power Centrifuge does not use any of the incoming oil for essential lubrication, and therefore everything that passes through the centrifuge had been 'cleaned' to some extent, the slower the centrifuge is fed, the greater the extent of cleaning.

The Raw Power Centrifuge does not use filters, no waste media is created in using the machine, it also does not utilize a pump, and therefore the oil that goes in can be contaminated to a greater extent than oil which needs to pass through a pump. Particle size is limited to approximately 5mm Dia., this is the clearance between the rotor and the performance optimiser through which the dirty oil first flows, without the Performance Optimiser in place, the particle size increases to approximately 15mm Dia., the bore of the inlet hose tail.

The Raw Power Centrifuge is supplied as standard with a 'Performance Optimizer', this increases the efficiency of the centrifuge for ultimate cleaning performance while maintaining the easy and quick cleaning ability of the open bowl design. The optimizer bolts in to the rotor bowl with no modification and does not need to be removed when cleaning the bowl. The optimizer gets the oil spinning at full RPM prior to entering the bowl, rather than hitting the bowl static, this reduces turbulence / imbalance in the bowl. Also, the Performance Optimiser feeds the incoming/dirty oil directly to the outside wall at the bottom of the bowl, forcing the dirty oil to have to work its way from bottom to top, and outside to inside, then over the lip and out of the bowl, maximising its residence time, and therefore the efficiency of the cleaning operation.

The Raw Power Centrifuge has a dedicated drainage port for dirty oil and any liquid sludge, when the bowl stops spinning, the contents flood the base of the bowl and drain out through 3 small ports, into a sump beneath the bowl, and then out through a dedicated fitting below the bowl. Large particles over approximately 4mm will need manually scraping out of the bowl as they are too large to pass through the 3 small drainage ports.

These centrifuges are also popular for recovering precious metals in jewellery manufacture, offcuts, swarf, chips, and pastes from polishing can all be recovered or seprated from oils and coolants in a centrifuge, without any valuable metal being trapped in a filter element and lost.

Centrifuge Specification
Flow RateDependent on Media, Est. Diesel @ 20c, 19-95 LPH
Supply Voltage110-230v1Ph 50-60Hz. ABB Phase(speed) Controller included, powering a 3Ph230v60Hz motor
Centrifuge Bowl Inside Diameter190.5 mm
G-Force at Cleaner Wall3824 G
Centrifuge Bowl Dirt Holding Capaciy0.7 Litres
Overall Width40 cm
Overall Depth40 cm
Overall Height50 cm
Weight23 Kg
Inlet / Outlet / Sludge Connection3/4" NPT Female with 3/4" Hose Barbs Supplied
Suitable forWater, Diesel, WVO, Motor Oil, Biodiesel, ATF, Gear Oil Etc
Max Temp400 Farenheit
Heating Element Specifications
Voltage110v or 230 50/60Hz 1Ph
Power1000 W
Temperature Range15 to 120 C
Port Size3/4"NPT Female (Both In & Out)
Hose Barbs (supplied loose)For 3/4"ID Hose
Hose Material (supplied loose)Silicone
Housing MaterialCast Aluminium
Element MaterialStainless Steel

Shown Below: Centrifuge with lid off (optimiser not fitted).

Shown Below: Performance Optimiser

Shown Below: Optional Heating Element with Temperature Control Knob 15-120c.

ABB ACS55 VFD (Variable Frequency Device)

The RPC-103 is supplied as standard with the ABB ACS55 Component Drive, which runs the 230v, 6000 RPM motor on the Raw Power Extreme Centrifuge. The ACS55 can easily be integrated into existing or smaller panels.

  • Easy and descriptive interface
  • Compact size and slim
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Quiet motor operation
  • Power range 0.25 to 3 Hp
  • Protected Chassis (IP 20)
  • Silent Motor
  • Optimized switching frequency up to 16kHz
  • Suitable for domestic environment
  • Fast and safe drive configuration with DriveConfig kit
  • Ideal for DIN-rail mounting
  • RoHS
  • Coated boards

ABB Speed Potentiometer

The RPC-103 is supplied as standard with the ABB Speed potentiometer, for simple speed and direction control.

Shipping Information
DescriptionPackaged Dimensions & WeightCode
Centrifuge Kit53 x 43 x 40 cm's, Wt. 25.4 Kg8421197000
Centrifuge Kit + Heater53 x 43 x 40 cm's, Wt. 26.8 Kg8421197000
Heating Element15 x 15 x 40 cm's, Wt. 2.5 Kg8516108000

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