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Piusi EX50 ST, Transfer Pump Station
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Piusi EX50 ST, Transfer Pump Station

Piusi EX50 ST is a transfer pump station for Petrol, Kerosene, Diesel, Avgas, Avjet, Aspen 2&4, suitable for non-commercial use. Easy to install, versatile and compact, it adapts to the needs of the user finding its application where needed. Piusi ST EX50 is therefore applicable to mobile or underground tanks with the dispensing unit.

The pump of the Piusi EX50 ST fuel dispenser is ATEX/IECEx certified to prevent explosions inside or outside the pump, due to components that can trigger the transferred fluid or the surrounding atmosphere. Piusi EX50 ST is safe and reliable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Designed to transfer flammable fluids from tanks of any type, Piusi EX50 ST has a compact structure with a cast iron body that ensures its robustness. The high efficiency pump supplied, with bypass valve, is able to dispense up to 50 l/min with reduced absorption to ensure a long life of the fuel transfer station.

The anti-noise filter (EMC electromagnetic compatibility) makes the use of Piusi EX50 ST comfortable, with a low noise level. Flanged components including pump, flow meter and filters can be mounted or replaced without the use of sealant, making connections quick and secure. Piusi EX50 ST ensures good thermal protection and the metal suction filter keeps the pump in excellent condition, free from foreign matters.

Piusi Part NumberDescriptionMax Flow Rate (lpm)VoltageHzAmpsFlow Meter
F00377000ST EX50 230V A K3350230501.2K33 ATEX

Download Piusi EX50 ST - Brochure PDFDownload Piusi EX50 ST - Brochure PDF

Download Piusi EX50 AC & DC ATEX Certificate PDFDownload Piusi EX50 AC & DC ATEX Certificate PDF

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