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Richter Dipping Tape, Brass Frame, Carbon Steel Tape, IPM Approved
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Richter Dipping Tape, Carbon Steel

Supplied as standard with Wooden Handle, Brass Frame, and Carbon Steel Tape, with raised markings in mm

Brass Weight is to be purchased seperately

Calibration Certificate if required, is to be purchased seperately. 1 Certificate is required per 1 Tape. 2 options; Factory Calibration Cert. or UKAS/NMO Calibration Cert.

  • Richter Dipping Tapes conform to the specifications contained in the Institute of Petroleum Measurement Manual Part II, and to the international standard ISO/FDIS 4512
  • Each tape and weight is marked with its appropriate IPM number
  • These standards cover every component in precise detail, including the brass dip weight, the bell type locking swivel hook, and the brass frame winder and wooden handle. They reflect the accumulated experience of users in the petrochemical industry over many years and have been adopted by the industry in most parts of the world.
  • The maximum permitted error for the tape/weight combination is 1.5mm for all lengths up to 30m
  • The tapes are graduated on one side only. Graduations are either in mm (IPM8), or feet, inches and 10ths of inche (IPM7a)
  • Available to special order only, are graduations in feet, inches, and 1/16ths inches (IPM7b)
  • Most users specify these tapes in black etched carbon steel, however we offer the alternative of etched stainless steel (grade 4021) for those applications which call for this tape material
  • Refills are available for when the tapes wear out

Richter also offer a low cost measuring tape, if IPM approval is not required, it can be found HERE

Reels (Inc. Tape)
Type Part Number Length
Metric FR-D-IPM8-414-10 10 m
Metric FR-D-IPM8-414-15 15 m
Metric FR-D-IPM8-414-20 20 m
Metric FR-D-IPM8-414-25 25 m
Metric FR-D-IPM8-414-30 30 m
Metric FR-D-IPM8-414-50 50 m
Imperial FR-D-IPM7-414-33 33 feet
Imperial FR-D-IPM7-414-50 50 feet
Imperial FR-D-IPM7-414-66 66 feet
Imperial FR-D-IPM7-414-75 75 feet
Imperial FR-D-IPM7-414-100 100 feet
Tapes (Refills)
Type Part Number Length
Metric FR-D-IPM8-414A-10 10 m
Metric FR-D-IPM8-414A-15 15 m
Metric FR-D-IPM8-414A-20 20 m
Metric FR-D-IPM8-414A-25 25 m
Metric FR-D-IPM8-414A-30 30 m
Metric FR-D-IPM8-414A-50 50 m
Imperial FR-D-IPM7-414A-33 33ft
Imperial FR-D-IPM7-414A-50 50 ft
Imperial FR-D-IPM7-414A-66 66 ft
Imperial FR-D-IPM7-414A-75 75 ft
Imperial FR-D-IPM7-414A-100 100 ft
Weights (BRASS)
Weight Part Number Graduations
675 g FR-WEIGHT-B-M mm
1600 g FR-WEIGHT-B-2M mm
1.5 lbs FR-WEIGHT-B-1Z Inches, 10ths
3.5 lbs FR-WEIGHT-WZ Inches, 10ths
Replacement Winders
Empty Frame Winder, 30m Capacity FR-EMPTY-F.W-30
Empty Frame Winder, 50m Capacity FR-EMPTY-F.W-50
Empty Frame Winder, 30m Capacity, with Earthing Lead & Clip FR-EMPTY-F.W-MSE30

Shown Below, 675G Brass Weight

Shown Below, Richter Dipping Tape with UKAS Calibration Markings

Commodity Codes
Sampling Vessels 9032890090
Winders 8425390090
Dip Tapes 9017801000
Gauging Pastes 9026108900

Download Richter Dipping Tape - IPM7 414 PDFDownload Richter Dipping Tape - IPM7 414 PDF

Download Richter Dipping Tape - IPM8 414 PDFDownload Richter Dipping Tape - IPM8 414 PDF

Download Richter Dipping Tape - IPM8 414, IPM7 414 & IPM8 464 PDFDownload Richter Dipping Tape - IPM8 414, IPM7 414 & IPM8 464 PDF

Download Richter Dipping Tapes - General Brochure PDFDownload Richter Dipping Tapes - General Brochure PDF

Download Richter Dipping Tapes - Correct Selection of Dip Weights PDFDownload Richter Dipping Tapes - Correct Selection of Dip Weights PDF

Download EXAMPLE Richter Calibration Certificate PDFDownload EXAMPLE Richter Calibration Certificate PDF

Download EXAMPLE UKAS Calibration Certificate PDFDownload EXAMPLE UKAS Calibration Certificate PDF

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