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Scopenext NX, Barrel / Drum Pump for 25L Cans, 205L Drums & 1000L IBC's
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Scopenext NX Series Barrel & Drum Pumps

To ensure sterile supply, we now only offer these in box qtys of 10x 205 L pumps, and 20x 20/25 L pumps. Adaptors are in bags of 10.

A reliable and robust drum fitting pump suitable for a wide range of liquids, including some highly corrosive liquids.

  • Easy, Smooth Pumping Action - The pistonless displacement method of operation means there are minimal moving parts to inhibit the performance of the pump, with low internal friction
  • Continuous Dispensing -The design of the NX Drum Pump helps reduce the time it takes to dispense product from the drum easily and efficiently , pumping on both “up” and “down” strokes
  • Anti-drip Nozzle Feature -Alleviates the problems of drips by simply rotating the nozzle upwards thus closing the product-flow pathway
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance -Manufactured 100% from food-grade polypropylene components and is suitable for a wide range of chemicals including oils, resins, acids, alkalis, chlorine-based, etc.
  • Particulates / High Viscosity - The design of the NX pump allows small particulates to be pumped without blocking, and can pump high viscosity liquids, including eg.molasses
  • Safety Strap - The Safety Strap prevents the piston from being operated without first being released
  • Drum Adaptors - All styles of drum are catered for by means of Drum Adaptors
  • Security Measure - Optional 1 Litre Security Measure safely catches what is dispensed
  • 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty - Our confidence in the product is such that Scopenext offer a full 2 Year Warranty
Pump Specifications
Scopenext RefTo Suit ContainersContainer Size MaxContainer Size MinShaft Length, FBOGDisplacement
NX2520-25 L407 mm / 16"254 mm / 10"400 mm150 ml (5.2 Fl Oz)
NX6060-100 L635 mm / 25"343 mm / 13.5"630 mm250 ml (8.8 Fl Oz)
NX200205 L928 mm / 36.5"535 mm / 21"903 mm400 ml (13.5 Fl Oz)
NXIBCIBC1130 mm / 44.5"712 mm / 28"1103 mm400 ml (13.5 Fl Oz)
Drum Adaptors Available
Scopenext RefDescriptionThread Size: O.D. * PitchCommon ToNotes
NXM1M5556 * 4Tri Sure, Female1 Supplied with NX200
NXM2M6970 * 6Mauser Europe, Female 
NXM3MBSP2" BSP2" BSP, Female 
NXM4M6364 * 5Ameican Buttress, Female 
NXF1F6160 * 6Europe & Asia, Male1 Supplied with NX25 & NX60
NXF2F6564 * 5American Buttress, Male 
NXF3F7170 * 6Mauser Europe, Male 

Options available:

20-25L Pump (for HDPE) - Supplied with a NXF1/F61 female fitting, suitable for coarse male threads common to 20 & 25L UN HDPE Jerry Cans

60-100L Pump (for HDPE) - Supplied with a NXF1/F61 female fitting, suitable for coarse male threads common to 20 & 25L UN HDPE Jerry Cans

205L Pump (for HDPE) - Supplied with an NXM1/M55 male fitting, suitable for female threads common to 205L UN HDPE Drums

IBC Pump - Supplied with a fitting

Drum Adaptors - 8 adaptors to suit most threads, including: F61, F65, F71, F57, M55, M69, MBSP (2"), M63

Full pack quantities you wil recieve:

20-25L Pump (for HDPE) - 20 x Pumps, 20 x NXF1/F61 Adaptors

60-100L Pump (for HDPE) - 15 x Pumps, 15 x NXF1/F61 Adaptors

205L Pump (for HDPE) - 10 x Pumps, 10 x NXM1/M55 Adaptors

IBC Pump - 5 x Pumps, 5 x Adaptors

Drum Adaptors - 8 adaptors

1L Safety Measure Bottle - 10 x bottles, 10x nozzle bottle adaptor

Shown Below, Optional 1L Safety Measure Bottle

Packed Weight & Dimensions
Scopenext RefQty in BoxDimensionsWeightH.S. Tariff Code
NX2520116 x 28 x 32 cm9 Kg 

Download Scopenext NX Series Drum Pumps PDFDownload Scopenext NX Series Drum Pumps PDF

Download Scopenext NX IBC Pump PDFDownload Scopenext NX IBC Pump PDF

Download Scopenext NX Series Drum Pump Parts PDFDownload Scopenext NX Series Drum Pump Parts PDF

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