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Piusi ST with Meter, Wall-Mounted Fuel Dispensing System
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Piusi ST with Meter, Wall-Mounted Fuel Dispensing System

ST with Meter is the modular diesel transfer station. Suitable for non-commercial use, it can include details that best reflect the working condition of the user.

A special feature of the ST with Meter diesel dispenser is its simple installation. Its versatility makes it a product adaptable to any condition. Indeed, it finds its application where it is necessary to complete mobile or buried tanks with the dispensing unit.

The diesel transfer station is suitable for different sectors including agriculture and automotive for the refuelling of agricultural machinery, tractors, vehicles and machinery in general.

The diesel transfer system is equipped with a bottom valve with filter and nozzle support. The 4-mt length (6-mt on request) of the dispensing hose allows the system to be used in a practical and convenient manner. The metal box, on request, protects the components of the diesel transfer station from weather agents and other possible causes of damage. Always on request, the water separator filter ensures the quality of the fluid dispensed, so that no impurity can enter.

The basic mechanical flow meter allows, with a simple view, to keep the fuel consumption monitored while dispensing and the reduced noise level (less than 75 dB) makes ST with Meter a safe and pleasant fluid transfer system. ST with Meter can always be integrated with the accessories needed to complete the installation. These include the electronic flow meter K600, the automatic nozzle, the pump AC 56-72 l/min, or the pump DC Bipump.

The ST group can be locked inside a metal housing known as the "ST Box" to protect the components. The ST Box can be found HERE

Wetted Components
Pump BodyCast Iron
Impeller CaseCast Iron
Impeller Case SealViton
Motor Shaft SealViton
Vane SpringsSpring Steel
Rotor / Gear / ImpellorCast Iron
Shaft Key / NutCast Iron
Motor ShaftCast Iron
Bypass Valve PistonAcetyl
Bypass Valve SealViton
Bypass Valve SpringSpring Steel
Voltage / Frequency12vDC, 24vDC, 110vAC50Hz, 230vAC50Hz
Duty Cycle20 Minutes
Cable LengthNone
Bypass Valve Y/NY
Max Flow95 lpm
Discharge Pressure1.6 Bar
Max Suction Lift (Dry)3.0 m
Max Suction Lift (Wet)3.0 m
Inlet Fitting1" BSP
Outlet Fitting1" BSP
Max Particle Tolerance100 Micron
Max Liquid Temp57°c
Min Liquid Temp 
Max Room Temp40°c
Min Room Temp 
Thermal Protection Y/NY
Max Liquid ViscosityDiesel
Ingress ProtectionIP55
Options Available
Part NumberDescriptionForHose LengthFilterNozzleMeterPumpVoltagelpmComplete with ST Box? Y/N
000256000ST Viscomat 70 M K33 RapsoilRapeseed Oil4mNoneSelf 2000K33Viscomat 70 Vane230v50Hz30N
F00385P0AST Panther 56 K33Diesel4mNoneSelf 2000K33Panther 56230v50Hz56N
F00287P0AST Panther 56 K33 A60Diesel4mNoneAutomatic A60K33Panther 56230v50Hz56N
F00365P0AST Panther 56 K33 A60Diesel4mNoneAutomatic A60K33Panther 56230v50Hz 56Y - Included
F00385PB0ST Panther 56 K33 A60 (110v)Diesel4mNoneAutomatic A60K33Panther 56110v50Hz68N
000390000ST E80 K33Diesel4mNoneSelf 2000K33E80230v50Hz80N
000392000ST E80 K33 A80Diesel4mNoneAutomatic A80K33E80230v50Hz75N
00036700BST E80 K33 A80Diesel4mNoneAutomatic A80K33E80230v50Hz75Y - Included
000395000ST E120 K33Diesel4mNoneSelf 2000K33E120230v50Hz90N
000397000ST E120 K33 A120Diesel4mNoneAutomatic A120K33E120230v50Hz90N
00036900BST E120 K33 A120Diesel4mNoneAutomatic A120K33E120230v50Hz90Y - Included
000395030ST E120 K33 A120 (110v)Diesel4mNoneAutomatic A120K33E120110v50Hz90N
000256000ST Viscomat 70 K33Oil, Rapeseed Oil4mNoneSelf 2000K33Viscomat 70 Vane230v50Hz30N
000256020ST Viscomat 70 K33Oil, Rapeseed Oil4mNoneSelf 2000K33Viscomat 70 Vane230v50Hz30Y - Included
F00265020ST Viscomat 90 K600Oil, Rapeseed Oil4mNoneSelf 2000K600Viscomat 70 Vane230v50Hz65Y - Included
F0023500BST ByPass 3000 12v K33Diesel4mNoneSelf 2000K33BP 300012vDC40N
F0023600BST ByPass 3000 24v K33Diesel4mNoneSelf 2000K33BP 300024vDC40N
F0023300BST ByPass 3000 12v K33 A60Diesel4mNoneAutomatic A60K33BP 300012vDC35N
F0023400BST ByPass 3000 24v K33 A60Diesel4mNoneAutomatic A60K33BP 300024vDC35N
F0024000AST Bipump 12v K33Diesel4mNoneSelf 2000K33Bi-pump12vDC80N
F0024100AST Bipump 24v K33Diesel4mNoneSelf 2000K33Bi-pump24vDC80N
F0039900AST Bipump 12v K33 A120Diesel4mNoneAutomatic A120K33Bi-pump12vDC80Y - Included
F00340070ST Panther 12v K33 A60Diesel4mNoneAutomatic A60K33Panther DC12vDC56N

Download Piusi ST Transfer Pumps with Meter, Datasheet PDFDownload Piusi ST Transfer Pumps with Meter, Datasheet PDF

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